What OTHERs are saying

Jason worked tirelessly to find my wife and I a wonderful home for our family. At the time, the market required us to make quick decisions. It was nice knowing Jason had a contractor background. We felt confident he was asking the right questions about the house. He was very thorough with the paperwork and checked-up on us after the purchase was finalized.
— Greg // House // Redmond
Jason’s knowledge of the local markets and experience as a contractor was invaluable in narrowing down the right starter home for me. His honesty and patience was much appreciated!
— Daniel // Town House // Green Lake
We knew nothing about the process of purchasing a home, and it terrified us, but Jason made the sometimes-frustrating process enjoyable, educational, and as painless as possible. Not only would Jason drop anything to get us into a house before other potential house-hunters, he also would get on his hands and knees to inspect flooring, crawl spaces, etc.

Working with Jason was like having our own personal real estate agent, friend, construction manager, and landscaper in one, and his knowledge truly took away the anxiety of buying our first home. Even several months after our house closed, Jason still checks in with us to see how we are doing and if we have any questions about ‘house stuff’. We are so grateful to have met and worked with Jason and I want to thank him everyday for getting us our dream home!
— Elisha // House // Kirkland
Jason worked very hard to find a great home for us at the right price. He was thorough and helped us jump on the place we wanted to ensure we got it for the lowest price possible. We are happy with our new home and count Jason as a friend after only a few weeks of working with him.
— Glenn // Condo // Queen Anne
With years of general contractor experience, Jason is very practical. He gives his view from both market figures as well as estimates for any desired renovations. Jason is very energetic, frank, and most importantly, patient. In three weeks, we had our ideal condo in the desired location. I would recommend Jason to anyone looking for real estate.
— Kasper // Condo // Downtown Seattle
Jason has an outstanding ability to respond quickly. He’s very flexible and knowledgable on construction methods. He asked the right questions to understand our taste which means he never showed us a house we didn’t like.
— Tim // House // Auburn
Living in Austin, TX and looking for a potential investment/second home in Seattle was a daunting task, especially with my limited knowledge of the area. Luckily, I stumbled upon Jason Hansen, who helped make an idea a reality. 

Jason educated me on the areas of Seattle I would most likely be interested in, spent many hours on the phone, and happily went to view potential homes for me. He was extremely patient when I was indecisive, and was genuinely motivated to find the “right” home for me. Upon finding this property, he was diligent and resolute in negotiating a deal in a very hot competitive sellers market.

During the loan approval process, my bank’s inspector found a number of small issues with the home that were required to be repaired prior to the loan funding. I was unable to get to Seattle and Jason took it upon himself to meet with the plumbing contractor and even went a step further by making some of the repairs himself. Truly a great guy to work with who will go the extra mile for his client.
— Ryan // House // Magnolia
Jason is a seasoned professional who knows the Seattle marketplace and neighborhoods very well. He took the time to listen and understand what I am looking for—not just what he has for sale. Jason is very savvy and in touch with opportunities that made dealing with him a pleasure. He delivers timely and more than satisfactorily results. I highly recommend him and will work with him again!
— Scott // Condo // Kirkland
Working with Jason was a great experience. He is very knowledgeable about the Seattle area and the specific neighborhoods. He easily understood what type of neighborhood we wanted and what type of house we wanted. We really appreciate his great work.
— Li // Town House // Delridge
I had never before purchased a home from 3,000 miles away, but with the help of Jason Hanson I was able to make it happen. When I first called the real estate agency, the owner suggested my 28-year-old son, who would be the occupant, might prefer working with a guy—and she was so right! Jason taught him what to look for and what to say when viewing a house. Jason got it—we did not want a shiny new cookie cutter place going up all over the city. We wanted a place with character, history, and it also had to have a high walk-ability rating since my son chooses to use public transportation to commute to Redmond for work.

Jason found us a beautiful Fred Anhalt condo. When we lost the first one due to high bidding, he soon found us another equally charming place. Jason had to explain a lot to me; I have bought homes in New York and Philadelphia but was not used to real estate customs in Washington. Jason answered all my questions with good humor and patience. He’s a very funny guy! And most importantly, my son enjoyed working with him. Jason even gave up watching last year’s Superbowl—when Seattle was in the playoffs—to seal the deal. I would highly recommend him. He will immediately answer phone calls, hand-hold your through the mortgage application, and do it all with class!
— Lorraine // Condo // Capitol Hill
Always available, on time, and extremely knowledgeable, Jason was great to work with when purchasing my new home. He knew the area, quickly figured out what I was looking for, and was patient when it came to making an offer. He clearly wants to see his customers excited about their new home. I would recommend his expertise to anyone.
— Mark // Condo // Wallingford
As first-time buyers, brand new to real estate, my fiancé and I could not have asked to stumble upon a better match for purchasing our first home. From the start, Jason was ahead of the curve and spot on in his anticipation of our wants and desires for our new home. With the ball of sunshine that is his personality, he made the process fun and highly informative while maintaining a business persona when necessary.

I didn’t realize how important it would be to have a realtor who owned his own general contracting company and understands what constitutes as a red flag in the skeleton of a house. Jason was always available and ready to get working, willing to offer guidance—long after the ink has dried.
— Josh // Condo // Queen Anne
We were new to buying a home in the Seattle area and Jason helped us with the process each step of the way. We love the property and would highly recommend Jason to help anyone with the purchase of a new home.
— Brian & Laurie // Home // Eastlake
Jason is a very personable and knowledgeable realtor. He does his “homework” before showing you listings of homes. Jason is familiar with the amenities in the area, prices of homes, and the structure of the home you are considering buying. He goes way beyond the average realtor in making sure your purchase is the right choice for you. His ultimate goal is a satisfied customer. I highly recommend Jason as a realtor.
— Diane //